Amazon Beat – AMAZÔNIA BR | Sample Pack – SP001


The Amazon Beat Sample Pack is an INNOVATIVE and CREATIVE tool that can empower artists, producers, DJs, beatmakers, sound designers and music lovers who want their work to not be a ‘copy’ of the market but rather a REFERENCE and INSPIRATION for other artists .
The percussion Sample Pack uses Amazonian instruments such as curimbó, indigenous flute, marabá drum, caxixi, pequi and Jatobá seeds, banzeiro, atanga, among others, and mixes with household objects and industrialized instruments such as metal tray, stax, hihat, platinum. with the aim of creating a new musical genre called ORGANIC POP and also helping you GET TIME, DIFFERENTIATED CREATIVITY and STAND OUT in the music market, as this sound is very little explored in the world and this new concept will help you GET AHEAD with your music.

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