Amazon beat is the largest library of ready-made rhythms for music production.
Our goal is to deliver the best sample of ready-made rhythms (edited, equalized, mixed and with swing from the musician who recorded the sample) in wav or kontakt format. This way you save time in your production, you don’t depend on the musician’s schedule to make the recording and of course with high quality. With this comes the possibility of increasing the financial result of your business as you can be more productive, creative, test arrangements and finish faster, making room in the agenda for new clients, eliminating the possibility of accumulating work and getting stuck with the delivery deadline. .

I’ve been working for over 10 years producing tracks, jingles, artists, shows and I’ve always been looking for a tool that could help me speed up the completion of musical production without losing quality, as the process of musical production is very laborious (from recording the voice guide until delivering the master file) and requires many hours of work and even though I planned to reduce this time, I could never overcome this systematic process (arrangement, recording, musical direction, editing, mixing and mastering)

By using ready-made rhythms, I can reduce this time and structure and define the rhythmic basis of the arrangement more quickly (introduction, part a, part b, chorus…), also increasing the musician’s pleasure when recording the next instruments and visualizing the final result of the arrangement even if it has not yet been completed.

1 – If you don’t have a recording room for acoustic instruments
2 – Has difficulty playing percussion instruments
3 – Need to do quick work without needing a percussionist or drummer
4 – Win the competition with lower budgets and delivering work faster
5 – Increase creativity, productivity and efficiency

The best option is to use ready-made rhythms.


Composer, music producer and researcher of Amazonian sounds. In this new project, he brings his experience of more than 10 years, with the aim of helping other producers, beatmakes, DJs and music admirers, in general, to further advance their careers through sound.

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